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I am (primarily) a .Net developer specializing in web-based solutions. I am also an overall technology enthusiast, hobby-level musician, and all-around geek on many, many levels.

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Update 4/25/2011.

I apologize for the downtime on the site, I am still working through some migration issues thanks to a sub-standard hosting service. Thankfully my new provider has been much more responsive and has a better set of tools to help me manage my site.


Windows Media Center: Fixing “Unknown Artist” Issues

I have been an adamant user of Windows Media Center for a couple of years now. It started completely unintentionally, I purchased a Dell XPS 400 system that had Windows XP Media Center Edition pr...
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Android Applications: My Tracks

Let me begin with the end, and show you my most recent mountain bike ride, courtesy of Google Maps:   View Usnwc 6/19 in a larger map   From looking at the above map...
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OpenXML SDK 2.0: Formatting Excel Values

This is a follow-up article to my previous post, OpenXML SDK 2.0: Export a DataTable to Excel. In that post, I demonstrated how to install and use the OpenXML SDK, and also provided sample code fo...
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